Liezl Thom is a qualified Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Inner Conflict Therapy Practitioner. Over the past decade, she has been guiding her clients on their journeys to self-discovery and awakening. Liezl helps people change the stories they tell themselves about themselves, which liberates them from their fears and limiting beliefs and helps them harness the power of change.

Liezl was trained as a Life Coach by internationally acclaimed coach and author Martha Beck.  She also trained at The Transformation Coaching Academy, where she is currently pursuing her Masters qualification.

In 2018, CV Magazine voted her as one of their top 50 Life Coaches.

As a child, Liezl drove her parents insane with her constant questioning. To this day, she continues to examine every belief and thought and encourages her clients to question their own beliefs and thoughts. Her burning desire to know why the world works the way it does, lead her to a thriving career in broadcasting journalism, which also paved the way for a best-selling book and her great passion – talk shows.

Her experience as coach and broadcaster gave her the opportunity to co-host “Beyond Ears and Eyes” on Cliff Central, a talk-show covering a wide range of topics that explore alternative lifestyles, beliefs and healing modalities.  This continued a passion ignited in the six years she guest-presented the popular show “Believe it or not” on Talk 702 and 567 Cape Talk.

Recently Liezl moved her attention to her own Podcast series, “The Coaching Corner” as well as 2 web-series, “Unleashing your Inner Superhero” and “Mind Matters”.  She also starred as one of two life coaches on the Afrikaans hit series “Vet Kans”, which was aired on Kyknet towards the end of 2018.

As a journalist Liezl has had international success covering the death of Nelson Mandela as well as the highly covered Oscar Pistorius Murder trial for one of America’s three largest Networks, ABC News.  She’s appeared on Good Morning America (the biggest morning show in the USA), World News, Nightline and the magazine show 20/20.

Liezl has also appeared on BBC Radio, Channel 7 in Australia, several Australian talk radio stations as well as a number of other radio stations across the globe, as part of her coverage of the Pistorius Trial.

“Liezl Thom has huge compassion and understanding for the challenges faced by young people.  Her blend of youthful perspective and time-tested knowledge makes her a truly wonderful coach for people struggling to cope with change.  I wish I’d had an advisor like Liezl when I was a teenager, and I’d send my own children to her in a heartbeat.  Liezl helps the youth make sense of their lives, find their own truth, and thrive.”   –   Martha Beck

“I’m so glad I found Liezl. With her knowing smile and gentle prodding, she guided me to find my own wisdom and answers. I stand by her methods because without them, I would not have been able to turn around my business and steer it into a new direction.”   –   Werner Troskie (2018 Vetkans contestant)

“I wasn’t sure if coaching would work for me and I was very scared of opening myself up. Liezl immediately set my mind at ease and showed me that change can be exciting if I take responsibility for it. I cannot thank her enough for the changes she helped me to make!”   –   Judy Cameron

“We all know that the only constant thing in life is change, but we always kick against it when it comes. Liezl helped me to not just stop resisting change, but to harness it to take me where I want to be.”   –  Caroline Baloyi

“Liezl Thom has changed my life in ways I still cannot fathom.  As a life coach myself, I never thought that I would need coaching, but Liezl proved this wrong!  Her ability to read her clients is a talent that very few have.  3 years on and we still have our weekly sessions, which I simply cannot live without!”   –   Emanuel Pietersen

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