Life and Transformational Coaching has become a neccesity in today’s rushed lifestyle.  More people are using this as a way to better their inner selves and thereby changing the lives around them in the process.  We as a society have become so vulnerable and the presence of a good Life coach is a must, even if it is just to help with the everyday struggles of work, relationships or daily experiences.

Unlike Therapists, a good Life coach will not give advice, but rather coach you to find the answers yourself.  Asking the right questions, opens the correct doors.  It is important to know the difference.

Liezl Thom takes a fresh approach to Life and Transformational Coaching, using tried and proven techniques.  Her Life experience has given her the additional edge – giving her the unique talent of not only using countless trained teqniques, but also by bringing a human touch.

Follow Liezl on Social media or make contact through her contact page, and allow yourself to grow.  Below you can also get a glimpse of the amazing knowledge Liezl Thom has, and how, using everyday life as well as trained teqniques, she will challenge you to not only believe in yourself, but to grow your inter-personal relationships – something that is extremely important in your business as well as personal life.

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